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General requests and information

For requests regarding visa, required documents, admission, fees, travel/entry, housing etc., please contact the International Office ( and/or the matriculation (registration) office ( and/or on the pages of the commissioner for foreigners (

Additional information can be obtained at and   

For information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, please see as well as

Presence in courses

As a master program in natural sciences, courses require physical presence of the students to acquire the program's competences.
Some lectures will be uploaded as presentations but seminars and/or practical courses cannot be substituted by digital media.

In case you cannot attend courses due to whatever reason you may/have to postpone your attendance to the next semester.
Whereas the the module "Fundamental ind Molecular and Cellular Biosciences" takes place each semester, most project modules run only once a year. Please, see module handbook for further information.

For specific/detailed requests on individual courses, please contact the responsible teacher of that course (see module handbook).

In case you missed the registration period/deadline for the project modules, you may contact the module advisors dircetly as ask for a free place.

Teaching schedule information

Project module Molecular Physiology of Plant Nutrition and Crop Yield
MSc-MCB_MPPC_WS21-22.pdf (18,4 KB)  vom 02.09.2021

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