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Current information

Please check this site regularly for updated information

Please note:

For detailed information on the study program, please contact the program advisors:
Prof. H. Bruelheide (
C. Plos (

The institute of biology is in charge of the BIO modules (including the enrollment for the elective modules).
The institute of agriculture is in charge of the AGE modules and the institute of informatics is in charge of the INF modules.
For questions regarding INF or AGE modules, please contact the respective institutes.

Project modules / Teaching schedule information

Enrollment for the project modules (offered by the Insitute of Biology; module ID "BIO. ...") takes place in StudIP - for the winter term in September, for the summer term in March. You will be notified by email how to do.
Afterwards, the module managers will make a ranking and you will be notified by email about your acceptance (or not). If you are late, please contact the respective module managers, not the office of student affiars for additional/left places.

For requests concerning other project modules than those offered by our institue, please contact the respective module manager, not the office of student affiars,

Presence in courses

As a master program in natural sciences, courses require physical presence of the students to acquire the program's competences.
Some lectures will be uploaded as presentations but seminars and/or practical courses cannot be substituted by digital media.

In case you cannot attend courses due to whatever reason you may/have to postpone your attendance to the next semester.
Whereas the the module "Fundamental ind Molecular and Cellular Biosciences" takes place each semester, most project modules run only once a year. Please, see module handbook for further information.

For specific/detailed requests on individual courses, please contact the responsible teacher of that course (see module handbook).

In case you missed the registration period/deadline for the project modules, you may contact the module advisors dircetly as ask for a free place.

In case you are sick ...

... during a practical course:

Please contact the course advisor immediately. You may have to prove your sick leave by an MD's certificate. Whether or not a few days of sick leave can be tolerated depends on the specific details of the course.

... on an examination's day:

According to the university's general rules (RStPO) you have to inform the examniation office immediately and provide a respective proof for your inability:

... during the Research internship, Project study, or Master's thesis:

Please contact the course advisor immediately. You have to prove your sick leave by an MD's certificate, which has to be submitted to the examination office. The module period will be extended by the number of days of your sick leave.

In case you have failed a module exam twice

In this (unfortunate) case you cannot register for the examination by yourself in the Löwenportal. You have to come in person in time to the examination office for registration where you are informed about the consequences in case you would fail for the third time (which you have to acknowledge by your signature):

  • in case of a compulsory (mandatory) module: termination of your studies
  • in case of an elective (project) module: necessity to complete another elective (project) module

Research internship / Project study / Master's thesis

Application for admission to the Research internship, Project study, and Master's thesis, respectively, can be submitted after fulfillment of the prerequisites.

The application forms for the Research internship and Project study are available at "Formulare". The application form for the Master's thesis has to be collected at the Examinations Office.

Completed application forms have to be submitted to the Examinations Office prior to the intended start.

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