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Study program schedule MSc BDS
Study program schedule MSc BDS.pdf (41,4 KB)  vom 14.04.2022

Project modules - general schedule
Project modules MSc BDS general schedule.pdf (428,1 KB)  vom 15.08.2023

Information thesis MSc BDS
Information_sheet_ final_theses_MScBDS_02_2024.pdf (120,3 KB)  vom 12.03.2024

Guide thesis MSc BDS
Guide_final_theses_01_2024.pdf (286,8 KB)  vom 12.03.2024


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General information

Study program advisor

The study program advisor is Prof. Dr. H. Bruelheide (

Please note that consultation for this joint study program by the examination office of the Institute of Biology can be provided for the BIO modules and general requests only.
For requests concerning the import modules (INF, AGE etc.), please address the respective institutes and/or module advisors, respectively.


  • Statistics in Biodiversity Sciences (5 CP)
  • Design of Research Studies (5 CP)
  • Excursions in Botany and Zoology (5 CP)
  • Project modules (45 CP)
  • Research Internship (15 CP)
  • Project study (15 CP)
  • Thesis 'Master Biodiversity Sciences' (30 CP)

Compulsory modules (75 CP)

  • Statistics in Biodiversity Sciences
  • Design of Research Studies
  • Excursions in Botany and Zoology
  • Research Internship
  • Project study
  • Thesis 'Master Biodiversity Sciences'

The application forms for the Research internship and Project study are available at "Formulare".
The application form for the Master's thesis has to be collected at the Examinations Office.

Completed application forms have to be submitted to the Examinations Office prior to the intended start.

Elective modules (45 CP)

Numerous elective modules of 5, 10, or 15 credit points are offered by the Institute of Biology and the Faculty of Natural Sciences III, see module handbook and study program synopsis.

A total of 45 CP have to be earned.

Application/Enrollment (max. one module per half-term) for the BIO project modules proceeds in StudIP usually in September and March, respectively. Search for "Pre-registration project modules" and sign up for the desired module(s).
Enrollment is not "first come, first served" - you will receive an e-mail notification about the admission from the module advisors.

Please note in case you completed more than the required elective modules (information provided by the IT Service Center):
Your current overall grade (LöPo) will take all grades into account and only once you have finished the study program the best grades for the 45 CP will be used for the final overall grade. Consequently, your current overall grade in LöPo may differ from a grade calculated manually from the individual project module grades.

Master's thesis

The Master's thesis is a independently carried out scientific work and comprises the written thesis and a public defense.
The thesis comprises planning and execution of theoretical or practical work, the analysis and documentation of the results as well as their critical evaluation.

Students have to request the admission in advance in the examination office (the prerequisites will be checked).
At the end of the 6 months handling period, the thesis has to be submitted in 2 printed  (bound) copies plus 1 electronic copy to the examination office. (Don't miss the statutory declaration.) Missing the submission deadline results in a failed attempt.
The written reports of the reviewers should be completed within 4 weeks after the submission of the thesis. The public thesis defense will take place after the completion of the review process.

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