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For interested people / How to apply


If you are seeking information about the international master program "Biodiversity Sciences" at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, please, visit the link below.

This (new) study program has not yet been accredited (externally evaluated;     ), which, however, has no impact on the courses, teaching or learning outcomes.

Study program description

About the study program

The international master's program MSc Biodiversity Sciences aims to scientifically convey how the state and changes of biodiversity can be quantified across space and time, what evolutionary and ecological processes underlie them and what consequences arise from biodiversity changes for humans. Biodiversity forms the foundation for all ecosystem functions and human well-being on Earth. While the study program is based on the fundamentals of the natural sciences, it has a strong interdisciplinary component addressing the options of how biodiversity can be maintained and integrated into the management of our planet’s resources. To achieve these goals, various disciplines are engaged in the master's program, from organismic to molecular biology, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology, natural resource management and bioinformatics to interfaces with socio-ecological sciences.

The study program has a strong research orientation enabling students to work systematically and scientifically and to conduct independent scientific research. Other important study goals are interdisciplinary knowledge as well as communication and teamwork skills. The international character of scientific research is taken into account by conducting the study program, i.e. the lectures and examinations, entirely in English.

How to apply

The admission to MSc Biodiversity Sciences 120 CP is currently restricted (Uni-NC).

Applicants who obtained their bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Germany must apply via

Applicants who obtained their bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) abroad must apply via     (for deadlines, please check and/or

For application deadlines, documents and procedure see ("Application")

Fulfilment of the admission requirements does not constitute a claim to a study place for this program.

Please send your requests about uni assist application deadlines and procedures to uni assit, not to the Office of student affairs. Your documents will be evaluated at uni assist first, then by the university's enrollment office and finally by the selection board. Thus, please refrain from sending your application to the Office of student affairs - there will be no pre-evaluation. (For an estimation about eligibility and score, see regulations and criteria.)

After your application

If you have applied at uni assist (international applicants), your documents will be transferred to the Enrollment Office of the Martin Luher University after the deadline.
After a formal examniation, your application documents will be forwarded to the selection board in early July.
(For requests, please contact uni assist or )

The selection board will evaluate your documents and achievements and the ranking will be transmitted to the university’s enrollment office.

You will receive the notification about your admission or rejection by the enrollment office by mid-August, respectively.

Despite your desire, please refrain from inquiries about the status of your application to the Office of Student Affairs.

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