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Abteilung Pflanzengenetik
Juliane Eisele

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Department Of Plant Genetics


We study the molecular basis of the interaction between Gram-negative plant pathogenic bacteria and their host plants. Key objectives are to identify and characterize bacterial virulence factors and to study the corresponding plant processes in disease and defense.
The main model system is Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Xcv), the causal agent of bacterial spot disease on pepper and tomato. Pathogenicity of Xcv depends on the type III secretion system, which acts as a molecular syringe and injects more than 20 bacterial effector proteins into the plant cell. Once inside the plant cell the effector proteins interfere with plant cell signalling and metabolic pathways to the benefit of the pathogen which in turn can multiply within the intercellular spaces of the plant tissue. The genome sequence of Xcv (strain 85-10) is known which facilitates the identification of new virulence factors.
A major goal of our research projects is to identify the plant targets and biochemical activities of selected effector proteins. For this we use the host plants pepper and tomato but also heterologous systems such as yeast,Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana species.


Head of department
Prof. Dr. Ulla BonasPhone: +49-345-55 26290

Fax: +49-345-55 27277

Senior Scientists
PD Dr. Jens BochOffice: +49-345-55 26292

Lab: +49-345-55 26298

PD Dr. Daniela BüttnerOffice: +49-345-55 26293

Lab: +49-345-55 26299

Dr. Johannes StuttmannOffice: +49-345-55 26345

Lab: +49-345-55 26296